Can I tell you a story? Once there was this college girl who had a birthday. She had a great time with her roommates, had some good clean fun doing random stuff. And that night she felt pretty satisfied as she went to sleep. Birthday was over, a new day was on its way.

Great story, right? Well that’s not the part that matters. The next morning was Saturday. Not really having the ability to sleep in, this girl was sitting around in her bed head and pjs fairly early when she heard the doorbell go off upstairs. She walked out of her room and to the bottom of the stairs to listen, knowing her roommates would answer the door upstairs.

“Drinda! The door’s for you!”

“Do you not see what I look like right now? I can’t get the door!”

“It doesn’t matter!”

Clearly confused at who would be at the door the girl went upstairs. As she rounded the corner to the entryway her half-awake eyes popped open and she ran to the man standing in the doorway.


This may seem like a simple story, but really this is one of my fondest memories of my dad. I am convinced that he is one of the most selfless, loving, and Christ-like men on earth. His heart has always been wide open to me.

So when he woke up early to make the three hour drive the day after my birthday and showed up randomly the day after my birthday to spend the day however we wanted together I was deeply moved. I don’t know if he understands how big that was for me.

My dad’s love for me has never been a question. His love has always been shown through the time we spend together. From the dozens of plays we have seen together, the camping trips, the walks, the Extended LOTR marathons, I treasure all of it. It’s shown me that he cares, and that he knows what matters most.

My dad has taught me how to love God, to be kind, and how to show my family I care. I will always be grateful for him and what he teaches me on a regular basis. I wish I could spend the day with him this Father’s Day. He is one of my very favorite people. But hey, we have another play to see next week, so I guess I can wait!

Happy Father’s day to the best dad in the world. Thank you for being mine.

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