Man, I love this life.

Right after lunch today I had to pack up my purse and head out to work. As I was leaving I gave my husband a kiss, loved on my daughter, moved the dogs away from the door, waved, and walked out the front door. It was an everyday task, nothing big. But as I got … Continue reading Man, I love this life.


Can I tell you a story? Once there was this college girl who had a birthday. She had a great time with her roommates, had some good clean fun doing random stuff. And that night she felt pretty satisfied as she went to sleep. Birthday was over, a new day was on its way. Great … Continue reading Dad

Who Am I?

This weekend my family had the precious opportunity to have a family reunion at a ranch in Idaho. We were pretty much unplugged from the world. No 4G, no cell service. Living as we do it is eerie to be unattached from everything that is happening all over the world. But as eerie as it … Continue reading Who Am I?

Coming down the slope.

Depression and anxiety are tricky things. Sometimes I feel like they play hide and seek with me. I will be doing just fine, thinking I have gotten through the forest and am back to level ground again. Next thing I know I am having a near-panic attack and snarfing down rocky road candy bars (which … Continue reading Coming down the slope.


Over the last few months I have been very much in a slump. Life is busy, it happens. We all have times where all we really want to do is… nothing. Right? Or am I alone? Don’t kid yourself. You know you’ve felt this way also! I have found that as a busy mom, working … Continue reading 5-4-3-2-1

Mommy Musings: Pool Party

I haven’t been as consistent as I’ve wanted to be at writing. Life has been crazy. It makes me think of Jim Gaffigan talking about having three kids. It’s like drowning, and someone hands you a baby! While I only have one kid, I have felt really busy and overwhelmed. Working full time, keeping house, … Continue reading Mommy Musings: Pool Party

Never Alone

A couple weekends ago Matthew and I decided to spend date night in and watch a good movie together. Not an uncommon occurrence, really. It’s pretty much our most popular evening pastime. But this one particular evening stuck out to me because while it wasn’t a new movie to me, it struck me deep. We … Continue reading Never Alone

Mommy Musings: Icky-Sicky

How is it that chaos finds you when you are ready to settle down and have a relaxing weekend? This weekend I woke up like any other day and jumped in the shower. As I was finishing up I hear my husband talking loudly over the shower “Uh, hun! She smells like throw up!” Not … Continue reading Mommy Musings: Icky-Sicky